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Year 3 survivor day.

Year 3 had a fantastic day at Sheringham Park learning all about how people survived in Stone Age times. They made shelters collected wood and built fires. The children had to work together to survive. It was a great day and the children from Stibbard and North Elmham were complimented on their behaviour by both staff and members of the public, which is always lovely.

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Stone Age art

Year 3 have been looking at cave paintings and learning techniques to create a similar result. On Wednesday they spent part of the day creating their Stone Age cave art.

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E-Safety with Gripping Yarns.

Years 4 to 6 had a great session with Simon from Gripping Yarns. He presented a one man show about someone who was affected by social media and the effects of these sites on his well being. We learnt the character was chatting to someone who was trying to get them to send videos and photographs. Fortunately his character saw sense and confided in a friend who encouraged him to tell his teacher and parent. As always with Gripping Yarns the story was presented in a sensitive way allowing the children to think carefully about what they considered to be safe and unsafe.

Please talk with your children and discuss about what they have learnt and understood.

Most social media accounts are only recommended for children aged 13 and above. The latest of these, Tik Tok is also for over 13s and then with parental guidance. It was worrying to see quite a few children admitting to having this, it was also worrying seeing how much the children knew about Fortnite and other such games. Please be extra vigilent with your childs use of phones, tablets, games and laptops. They are still young and under 13!

As a school we are committed to keeping your children safe and will be following up this mornings presentation in our classes.

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London trip ETA

We’ve just had a pit stop at Birchanger services. Coach 1 will be arriving around 9pm and coach 2 will be arrive 20 mins after as they have a drop of at North Elmham first.