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Spree Books Reminder

Message from the Friends: Please return all Spree books to school by the morning of Friday 21st July.  Any payments can then be processed, in order for you to get your card and be able to use the vouchers.

If you have decided that a Spree Book is not for you, please do send back by Friday as any spare books can be sent back to the suppliers.

Many thanks

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School Bus Pass Information

Important note for students who have current bus passes issued September 2016;

Students currently travelling to school by bus (vehicles larger than 16 seats), will not receive a new pass during the Summer Holidays. Your current pass will be valid until the end of your schooling (for pupils aged 5-16) at your current school.

However, in some circumstances, where a school’s transport has been reviewed, students may be transferred onto a different route with a new bus number. Any students that this affects, will receive a new bus pass during the Summer holidays for their new route, please keep hold of your current pass until you receive your new one.

You must keep your pass, please do not destroy or lose the pass, as you will be required to pay £10 charge for a replacement if you do so.

Please check school bus travel times for September here.