Governor Monitoring – Reading Cafe

On 17 November I attended the Reading Cafe being run for Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1.  It was gratifying to see so many parents are carers attend (over 40 adults with many younger siblings in tow).  Mrs Cairns read the outlandish and hilarious story called ‘Stuck’ by Oliver Jeffers which was met with laughter, actions and enthusiasm by the children and grownups. A craft activity then followed for the carers and children to create their own items to be stuck in a tree that had appeared in the library.  I was delighted to be able to report to the governors that there was a very positive response to this creative and well attended event, with many parents commenting that they had enjoyed themselves and their time with the pupils in school.  Some commented that they had picked up tips from watching the teachers on how to engage their own children in picture books and were going to try the techniques used by the teachers at home.

Sophie Thornley (Chair of Governors)

Governor Monitoring – Maths

This year the school has introduced the concept of mastery for the teaching of Mathematics in the school. The Governors have decided that we need to monitor this process so I am looking at this during this school year with a focus on pupil feedback to see if they find this system is helping their understanding and progress in Mathematics.

Keith Paterson (Gt Ryburgh PCC Governor)

Governor Monitoring – Music

On 18th November I had the pleasure, and I mean pleasure, of listening to Class 3 start using the bow on their violins. In the hands of Joanna Clinton the class were keen, well disciplined and made good progress. I also observed a piano lesson.

What struck me after a short while was how the children had absorbed the musical culture of the school. The children easily used singing where necessary to understand the pieces they were playing. During the piano lesson a class passed through and there was no silliness; music is part of their lives.

Hugh Lanham (LA Governor)

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It’s Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas…..

Today was dress rehearsal for our Key Stage 1 ‘It’s a Baby!’ Nativity. It went really well and our Key Stage 2 audience were fantastic by joining in enthusiastically with the singing, actions and dancing. They showed great appreciation and support. Thank you to parents for the super costumes. Now we are ready for the performances next Tuesday morning and Wednesday afternoon.