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Laika The Spacedog 27th March 2013

We felt very honoured this afternoon, to be one of three schools in Norfolk to host The English Touring Opera Company performing Laika The Spacedog to the Key Stage 2 children and the year 2 class. We invited children from Little Snoring Primary School to come along and take part with us.

It was a fantastic experience, the children listened intently and sang  the songs brilliantly that we had learnt in preparation for the performance. It isn’t easy following a story when everyone is singing, but that is what opera is about and the children managed it extremely well. To add to the whole experience there was live music with a cello, clarinet, bassoon and percussion playing throughout.

We would love to know how this has affected your children today and would value some feedback comments. Please look at the photos with your children, they may beable to retell you the story by describing the different scenes.

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4 thoughts on “Laika The Spacedog 27th March 2013

  1. Ella thoroughly enjoyed the performance. It was “the best thing ever!”
    A fantastic chance for children to see something completely different, linking science, maths, music and performance. Well done Mrs B for securing the booking!


  2. What an amazing opportunity! Emily was full of chatter about it this evening, and was keen for me to guess how old the cello player’s cello was, (over three hundred years old!)


  3. Alice really enjoyed it too, she hasn’t stopped talking about it since she got home.
    She has also been singing the songs, lovely for them to see something different…. thanks!


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