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Hold onto your socks! 

Year 2 think that they may blow your socks off with their incredible writing.  As part of our Charlie And The Chocolate Factory project, the class have been writing character descriptions.  At first they found it quite tricky to make them interesting to read, but then they remembered that they needed to show not tell.  This means that instead of saying ‘he was greedy’, the children have to show it with his actions.  They are very proud of their work, as is Mrs Cairns.  


Augustus stabs his fork into his chubby, piggy mouth.  Gravy dribbles run down his sticky, boney chin.  His fat chubby tummy sticks down on his stubby, fat, chubby legs.  His face is much more disgusting than a loaf of mouldy cheese! He likes to eat Dairymilk creamy chocolate three times a day.  He is revolting and repulsive!  His hobby is eating because he has no time to ride his bike, or run around, or swim, or watch tv…nothing.


All day long Augustus Gloop is a fat balloon.  He eats chocolate and the chocolate dribbles down his mouth.  He can’t walk.  Augustus Gloop eats all the chocolate.


Augustus stuffs food in his mouth all day long.  Dribbles of carrot and gravy collected on his chubby chin and made it impossible to wash.  His tummy bulges over his short stubby legs.  He would not fit on a bicycle and he wouldn’t have time because he eats so much.


If you saw Augustus Gloop you would see his enormous tummy.  His hobby is eating chocolate every day.


Augustus eats 1000 Wonka bars a day.  His fat tummy looms over his stubby legs.  Snot runs down his piggy nose.  Gloop dribbles out of his crusty mouth.  His hobby is to eat, Augustus doesn’t have time for anything else.

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