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A Morning at All Saints by Madison and Liene

Year 5 and 6 have gone to London for the day, we are in school and have been set the task of showing you a typical morning at All Saints. 

We found out that Reception have been working so hard they needed a little snack, year 1 have been looking at 3d shapes with Miss Harwin. 

Mrs Cooke and Mrs Carver are having a lovely time with year 2, they were working really hard, but the thought of a wet play time indoors was just too much for the staff who are used to Year 6!!

 Year  3 were practicing their scripts for a mini play, there were lots of great ideas coming from them. We noticed they were very involved in this activity.

In year 4 James has been helping Mrs Beardon teach maths, while in year 6 Liene is practicing her piano ready for her Grade 3 piano 🎹 exam next Tuesday!   Madison has been catching up with a Reading test 😁.

Mr Warden is busy measuring the pitch and re-doing the white lines ready for the football tournament on Thursday, meanwhile Trish and Mrs Godfrey are sorting papers out and doing the usual things in the office to keep the school going. 

By Liene and Madison

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