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Governor Monitoring: Educational Visits

To correspond with British Science Week Mrs Jeary organised a visit to the National History and Science museums in London. The journey was by coach to Redbridge tube station and from there by tube to South Kensington and then by foot to the museums. The travel plan was well organised and all members of staff and volunteer helpers were well briefed regarding the journey, contact information and what to do in the event that their group should get separated from the others.
The children were split into groups and each supervising adult had either two, three or four pupils to look after for the day. This ratio enabled the children to get the most from their visit to the museums being able to explore the majority of the National History Museum before lunchtime.
After lunch we moved to the Science museum where we attended a science show about forces. The live demonstrations really got the attention of the children and they eagerly joined in. Following the show we went to “Launch Pad” where the children made the most of the hands on activities ranging from building arches to launching rockets. Museum staff in Launch Pad were on hand to help with the activities and explain the science behind them. 
The day was well organised and a valuable educational experience for the children  as it brought science to life. Thanks to all members of staff and helpers for making it a successful visit. 
The day ended with a funny, light hearted commentary by Mr Isherwood as the coach passed through central London on the way home.
Robert Plant, Chair of Governors

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