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Awards Assembly 20th March 2015

We were rather short on numbers today as Year3 and 4 were out at Sheringham Park. 

Chantelle received an award for being helpful on the bus every day. Esme  is also a great example of  good behaviour when waiting in the bus line. 

Leighton and Lyla received theirs for perseverance with their writing. 

Eve and Ella were recognised for working hard for their Grade 1 exam.

Romilly and Alice have also been writing and reading well. 

Chantelle and Lilly have completed their homework to a great standard. 

The football team played brilliantly in their five team tournament yesterday, they only went and won it! Well done everyone. Eve, Arthur, Ella and Betty were thanked for being great runners and helpers during the day. 

Year 5 and 6 received recognition for firing great during their day in London on Thursday. 

Teddy Has produced an excellent piece of writing about the London trip. 

William was recognised for his delicious homework, he designed and made a new sweet!  They involved lots of chocolate, caramel and the secret ingredient, popping candy! 

Well done to everyone and have a lovely weekend! 

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