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Eclipsing with Year 2 and year 6

Year 2 and Year 6 are having a very productive and interesting morning based on today’s Solar Eclipse. Before going out we talked about the safety of our eyes and that we weren’t to look at the sun, even though the moon was partially covering it. 

We set up four trays of water for the children to safely look into and then observe the eclipse. This worked a treat and we were able to see for the majority of the time we were out there. 

We talked about the temperature changes, we noticed we all felt significantly colder, we listened to the birds quietening down and we noticed that it became a little less lighter. 

Next we came inside and Mrs Cairns led a visual demonstration about how the eclipse had just happened. The children are now working on making their own examples, year 2 have been paired up with Year 6 and everyone is happily working. 

Mrs Jeary lent us a monitor that pairs up with our iPads. With this we have been able to record the temperature drop as well as the change in IV light. 

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