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Road Safety with Olly Day and his Magic Show

We had a treat this afternoon with Olly Day who came to talk and sing to the children about Road Safety. 

We looked at safe places to cross the road, such as a zebra crossing, traffic lights with the green man showing when to safely cross. In contrast Olly Day mentioned dangerous places like between parked cars, dual carriageways, junctions and corners of streets and when the red light man is showing. Many answers were given by the children, perhaps you can talk to your children about these as a follow up and to enhance their understanding. 

Taylor and Eliza  helped Olly demonstrate how dangerous it is to cross between cars and the importance of STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN. 

Next we listened about the importance of not playing in roads and how we can wear bright colours at night. James was dressed up to show how we can be seen and safe, especially when we ride a bike. 

We were pleased to see so many children admitting they had a cycle helmet, but sad to see hands going up showing they had a bike and either didn’t have a helmet or they didn’t wear the helmet they already have. 

Thank you to Olly Day for an entertaining, but serious talk that will help make our children more aware of being safe near roads. 



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