8 thoughts on “More Extreme Reading!

    1. People did say I was being a bit of a lunar-tic reading on the moon but I wanted to crater buzz about extreme reading. You should give it another go, it was out of this world!


      1. Surely there’s no space on this web site for such trivia. Then again, it’s only a laugh, or bit of fun.
        Working on our own Extreme Reading too.


  1. Well Mr I you certainly made light work of that book! I think extreme reading has just gone down a slippery slope and left me a mountain to climb if I am to out do you… At the moment you are soaring however I will try to bring you back down to earth with a bang!!!!! Now that’s what I call a HOLIDAY.


  2. I wonder who took a picture of you when you were on the moon.
    This is truly impressive. Your insurance premiums for extreme sports must be rocket high !!


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