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Year 6 Explore the Counties

Year 6 are exploring Great Britain, I’m not sure I’m ready to go travelling with them just yet! 

They attempted to identify different counties, luckily they all knew Norfolk, however it took time for them to realise many others, they knew of them, but couldn’t find them. A helpful exercise would be to spend time with a map and the children and explain where they have been in the country. 


5 thoughts on “Year 6 Explore the Counties

  1. Wow, someone knew where to find Kintyre where my mum was born. That made my day. The whole lesson looks like lots of fun. Well done.


    1. That was Mr Bushby, my TA for the afternoon! We started by showing the class five of our own places. He was stationed there in his former life.


      1. Lucky Mr Bushby from a scenery point of view. The weather can sometimes be a bit wild thanks to the Atlantic exposure on the West Coast but it is a wonderful place of wild goats, eagles, oystercatchers and seals plus clean sandy beaches. Heavenly.


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