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A Great Success!

Thank you to everyone who came to the coffee morning and to the children who came and bought a cake or three! 

We put out the SATs papers for parents to look through, it proved a little bit of a challenge for some mums!! 

We are very grateful to Nick Fryer and Sam Cooper of Gunhill for donating two fabulous raffle prizes, a Super Dry rucksack and a pencil case. The raffle has raised £90 towards the end of year beach trip to Wells and the cakes just over £93!! 

There are still some cakes left, rather than plate them up we thought you might like to bring a container at the end of the day, select some cakes and make a donation. They will be in the year 6 reception area after school. Please come along, we’d love to end the day with £200!! 

There will be another coffee morning after half term. 

Many thanks for your support today. 


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