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Awards Assembly 15th May 2015

Miss Frith, along with her glamourous assistants, Emily and Connie took the assembly today.

There were awards for great adding, fantastic writing, showing understanding and being helpful to others. Some children were awarded theirs for making a great improvement in class.

Year 3 and 4 received whole class awards for being so well behaved at How Hill.

Year 5 received theirs for being amazing in their descriptive writing and maths this week!

Year 6 received two! One for approaching their SATs so maturely this week and making a fabulous effort with them. Their second was for all their baking today to raise funds for their end of year trip to the beach. They raised an amazing £203.30. The winners of the raffle were Chantelle, who won the rucksack and Kelly from the Children’s Centre, however I think Lilly and Zeus may have other ideas for their mums prize!

Year 2 have proved themselves to be excellent swimmers and received their certificates.

Well done to everyone.

Have a lovely weekend.

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