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Sports Day 2015

The sun made a very welcome appearance this afternoon for our sports day. We were extremely proud of all the children from the youngest to the oldest for their excellent racing, sportsmanship and behaviour. Congratulations to the green team on scoring the most points!


The pre-school children, mums and dads even had a go at racing! Great fun was had by all. A big thank you to Mr Coppack and Mrs. Cooke for organising such a well run event and to Morrison’s for their kind donation of bottled water, grapes and strawberries which went down a real treat.

To see all the photos from Sports day follow the link:

Sports Day 2015

5 thoughts on “Sports Day 2015

  1. It looks as though you all had a brilliant afternoon. Year 2, I flicked through your pictures really really fast so that I could pretend I was there! It looks as though you all ran really fast…well done! Mrs C


  2. I came third in my running race and I came fourth in my obstacle it was a fun time for sports day this year and we had strawberries,grapes and there was also some water.


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