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‘Keeping up with the Children’ Maths Course

This afternoon was the first of four afternoons at Ryburgh Memorial Hall designed to equip parents with the maths knowledge they need to support thier children at home. The session was really successful and parents found it incredibly useful.

If you didn’t get there this week it is on for the next three Wednesdays from 1 – 2:45pm.

2 thoughts on “‘Keeping up with the Children’ Maths Course

  1. I am so pleased that I took the decision to take part in this course. This is about how maths is taught to our children. I feel this is going to make a lot of difference as I understand better how my children learn this subject. This will result in me being more confident to help my children with their homework. This afternoon I have learnt two new fun games that I can easily play with my children; to help them understand numbers better. A most enjoyable afternoon.

    The way I learnt maths, some …….. years ago, was very different…… I need to move on with the
    times !!


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