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Have a lovely summer break

On our last day together as Year 3, we wanted to share some memories. The whole class have been wonderful and we’ve had a lot of fun together. Have a great summer break.

Jake “I liked to do computing and English”.

Trey “I enjoyed Maths and English and I liked going down to Code X”.

Libby “It’s very fun, you get to learn new games. I liked doing the gardening”. 

Tyler “I love maths and I have had a good time”.

Hallie “I like the teachers”

Tilly “I had lots of fun times in Year 3”

Harry “How Hill was great”.

Harvey “I like the ‘Tuna’ people because they had big boats to go on”.

Keely “I liked doing Maths it’s easier than English”.

Freddie “I really liked English and Maths. It was really good in this classroom”.

Charlie “Growing sunflowers was great fun”.

Archie “I really loved Maths with Mrs Cockburn and all the teachers that have taught me”.

Charlotte “I loved the play Robin and The Sherwood Hoodies”.

James “I enjoyed reading and enjoying having jokes with Isaac”.

Jedd “Fun!”

Thomas “it’s the best and I like playing with my friends”.

George H “I had a brilliant time at How Hill”.

Abigail “I enjoyed Maths and PE. I have had a great time”.

Georgina “I wish I couldn’t leave Year 3, I had a good year”.

Mollie “It was fun when we went on the residential, I liked having orange juice before bed”,

Elizabeth “It was nice when we won the tidiest bedroom competition at How Hill. I loved performing in the celebrating success assembly”.

Marcy “I liked everything”

Micky “I liked the reading”.

Isaac “I liked Maths”.

Arnita “It was excellent in Year 3, I’m going to miss the teachers”.

George R “I have enjoyed Maths in Year 3”.

Jacob “I enjoyed English because we made a story from the story mountain”.

Melody “I did enjoy How Hill – it was great”.

Taylor “I loved the Maths. It was really fun”.


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