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One more sleep 

Benvenuti a Anno tre.

Mrs Niven and Mr Bushby are looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow morning and hearing all about the summer holidays. Mrs Niven, with the help of her niece have already put up our topic display about Italy.

One of our first tasks will be to help the children choose new reading books. If the children still have their reading records from Year 2, please can they bring them to school tomorrow.

If your child is having a hot school dinner tomorrow, the choice is from Mild Beef Chilli with rice and pitta bread or Margherita pizza with 1/2 jacket potato (vegetarian) served with sweet corn and for pudding sticky toffee apple pudding.

PE will be on Wednesday afternoons and Friday mornings.

Mrs Cockburn is very excited about seeing you all for the first time next week on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. 

Ciao for now.


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