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Year 6 explore Stibbard

With wellies and rain coats on we set off to explore Stibbard as part of our topic,  Our Locality. We looked at so many things from the hedgerows with blackberries and other fruits in them to talking about the telephone box and going in it, many have never been in one before! We looked at the buildings and how some have been extended over time,  as well as the routes the roads take. 

We saw Horace Eggleton’s name on the war memorial and recalled what we had discovered about him on Friday. (He had been at our school 100 years ago, when he was late for school he received two strikes and he died towards the end of WW1 in France)

We didn’t complete our walk as we had so many discussions along the way, hopefully we can get out and about again and discover more about Stibbard. 


5 thoughts on “Year 6 explore Stibbard

    1. We are trying to encourage Mrs Carver to make some blackberry and apple crumbles with the children as they really enjoyed the blackberries and the apples they found around the village.


  1. Here’s a little bit of information about Horace Eggleton that is available from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.
    26639 Private Horace William Eggleton died Monday 13 May 1918 aged 27. He served in the Royal Fusiliers 34th Battalion and transferred to (60350) 101st Coy Labour Corps.
    Horace was the son of Mary Ann Eggleton, of Norton Road, Stibbard and Robert Eggleton.
    Horace is buried at St Sever Cemetery Extension Rouen, France.


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