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Year 6 First Aid morning

The children have been having a great session with Gary from Fleximed, they have learnt what to do in an emergency. In the first session they discussed what to do at home, who to call, the signs and symptoms they should look for and describe to a call handler. 

In the second session they experienced working with ‘Annie’ and found out how to carry out CPR should it be necessary. 

They also learnt what to do if someone was choking, luckily Gary wore a special clothing trainer which enabled the children to practice the movements needed to relieve the obstacle!  

Finally the children looked at how to put a patient into the recovery position. 

At the end of the session the children all received a certificate stating they had successfully completed the Junior First Aid Awareness course. 

Well done Year 6, great work this morning! 

4 thoughts on “Year 6 First Aid morning

  1. Fantastic – such a worthwhile excersise and important life skill… All children should have access to the basic First Aid training, well done All Saints!
    Mr W


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