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Year 4 investigate teeth

In year 4 we have been finding out about our different teeth, their names and their function. We then wanted to find out whether more children have lost their canines and incisors or their molars. We also wanted to find out who had lost more teeth – the boys or the girls. Finally we wanted to investigate whether the older children had lost more teeth than the younger children. 

First the children went round the class collecting their data. They then made a bar chart comparing the loss of girls and boys teeth. We found out that the boys have lost more teeth than the girls. More incisors and canines have been lost compared with molars. Only 3 girls had lost a molar and only 1 boy. 202 teeth have been lost in total. We wrote our theories as to why older children tend to lose their molars. One person said that it is their bigger size which means they take longer to fall out. Others said that the incisors do more work so they fall out quickly. 

Finally we analysed our data according to birthdays and drew a bar chart showing this. We found that age had nothing to do with tooth loss as children with August birthdays had lost more teeth than children born in September.  We did find that the biggest tooth loss were those born in March. We suggested this was because more boys than girls have March birthdays and overall more teeth have been lost by boys.  

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