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Author Jack Trelawny visits Stibbard

Years 2 to 6 looked the part as they entered the hall to listen to Jack Trelawny. Using pictures and words, he explained how pictures are his starting place when writing stories. The children laughed much at the many and varied pictures he showed mainly of strange animals in odd poses!  

 He showed how pictures inspire questions about the picture which, in turn, can lead to a story idea. It affirms our whole school Talk for Writing homework which starts with talking about a picture before progressing to writing. 

Jack explained how, as an author, he loves to find out about things around him and how these ideas from the real world he adapts into his story setting. Personal experiences play a part too, to give ideas for his writing. 

His presentation was funny, informative and inspiring. During the question and answer session at the end, we were impressed with the mature and sensible questions the children asked. Well done Stibbard!

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