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Governor Monitoring – Nativity

All of my expectations were met if not surpassed when I was lucky enough to see and report upon the school nativity play at the end of the Autumn term. Pupils in Reception, Yr 1 and Yr2 displayed maturity and sensitivity beyond their years in a performance that blended the traditional Christmas Story with the broader values of hope, charity, tolerance and respect which of course transcend any religious boundaries.

Supremely confident and polished narrators stayed focused and professional throughout and were obviously well rehearsed at moving the action along expertly. Other cast members sang and danced with gusto and at times a sense of pure, unselfconscious joy which was utterly infectious to an audience.

It would not be possible to record here all the heart-warming moments of pupils overcoming their nerves or coping with wardrobe malfunctions and itchy misbehaving tinsel or tea towels but two standout moments will remain with me. Firstly, the way time and time again pupils would either practically or emotionally support each other during the performance with kindness and empathyoften without being prompted by staff to do so. Secondly the profound message towards the end of the play from one of the narrators that reminded us all that, ‘ You don’t need to be special to be valuable to God.’ There could have been few parents, careers, grandparents, brothers or sisters that left the performance without having experienced a sense of pride, togetherness and joy.

Thank you Key Stage 1 and of course to all the staff whose hard work and preparation made it all possible.

Kate Young – Parent Governor

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