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Stibbard gets on the (weather) map!

Weatherman (meteorologist) Chris Bell came to visit our school today.  He spent the afternoon with Year 2 showing them the equipment he uses to help him make his forecasts.  Children practiced measuring wind strength and even had a go at presenting their own forecasts!


Chris is passionate about his job and his enthusiasm was infectious, the children were very engaged in their learning. 

We were particularly impressed that he had arranged for some snow to fall earlier in the day!

The whole school had an assembly later in the day where Chris spoke about his storm chasing and showed us all a clip of a brewing tornado.

Many children had questions, sadly we ran out of time for them all, however if questions are posted here or given to Mrs Cairns she will pass them on to be answered.

Chris will be presenting the weather tomorrow on Look East (BBC1) at 6.45  – tune in to see him (time allowing!) put Stibbard on the map!

For an up to date forecast by Chris and his colleagues see below – the children are all hoping for a mention of snow!

2 thoughts on “Stibbard gets on the (weather) map!

  1. Mrs C, year 6 and I were really interested in all Chris talked about. He was great! We have lots of questions ready to give you tomorrow, there may even be more by the morning!


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