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I am a Year 5 pupil, get me out of Here!

Today Year 5 spent the day at Sheringham Park on team building activities. They were divided into 5 teams and faced 3 challenges during the day. 

Challenge 1 

Collect suitable wood, light and maintain a fire.

Children were then judged on their fire and how the team worked together. The losing team faced the trial challenge of drinking pine needle tea whilst the other teams enjoyed hot chocolate round the main fire.

Challenge 2

Identify edible and non edible foods in Sheringham Park working together to discuss and explain reasons. 

Trial challenge for losing team – a sample of deep fried Alexanders, a sample of edible food from the Park. Winning teams chocolate chip muffins! 

Challenge 3 

Building a shelter for your whole group to fit in which is weather tight. Teams judged on quality of their shelters, team work and impact on environment.

Challenge trial for losing team, sautéed jelly ear fungus. Winning teams haribo sweets!

We had a fantastic day trying new things and working together in ways we don’t usually.

5 thoughts on “I am a Year 5 pupil, get me out of Here!

  1. This looks like an amazing day for children and the staff! I’m not sure about the sautéed jelly ear fungus though, they sound awful!


  2. Oh dear, I think I might be not very good at this challenge. In Autumn and winter our garden is full of fungi and I just walk ever so quickly past them. Well done everyone for stepping up to the challenge and is your wonderful teacher still alive and well?


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