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Chris Bell responds to your questions

Today I received an email from Chris Bell with some answers to our questions following his visit a few weeks ago. I thought that you may not want to wait until after half term to read the answers and so I have copied it for you to read below! 
Hey Sophie, 
I know it’s half-term so you won’t be (or shouldn’t be!) thinking about school – but I just wanted to send you the responses to the questions that the Yr 6s asked. 

Tell your class I really liked their thank you cards as well. 

Have you ever been caught up in a tornado? Daisy, Yr 6. 

– Thankfully NO! But I have been very close, about 200 yards away from one…Scary!
Why has it been so warm this Winter? Jack, Yr 6. 

– Very good question Jack, and the answer is a little complicated, but it has to do with colder than normal water in the Atlantic Ocean to the south of Greenland and a stronger than normal current of air about 25,000ft above the Earth (called the jet-stream). The combination of those things has brought air from a milder part of the Atlantic Ocean to the southwest of Britain. 
How close have you ever got to a tornado? Boden, Yr 6. 

– Too close! About 200 yards away from one in the state of Missouri in the year 2004. 
How long did you have to study at University to become a weatherman? Alice, Yr 6. 

– Good question Alice, you can get a Meteorology degree from university in 3 years, and the topics you’d need to focus on are maths, physics, and geography. UEA in Norwich and the University of Reading are two universities known for Meteorology degrees. 
Have you or anyone you have been with ever been hurt by a tornado? Ella, (Yr 6?). 

– Thankfully no, we generally stay a safe distance away from the parts of a thunderstorm that may produce a tornado. 
Which tools (manual or electronic) do you use to forecast the weather? Maddie, Yr 6. 

– now days a computer and access to the internet are the most important things you need to be a Meteorologist. We use very sophisticated computer models to predict the weather. But those computer models rely on accurate measurements of the weather from around the world with lots of different weather instruments and satellites that are in space. 
How long does it take for a tornado to form? Max, Yr 6. 

– The thunderstorms that produce tornadoes can develop very quickly, and a tornado can form in as little as 15-30 minutes. 
When you do the weather on TV is the screen green or a monitor? Alfie, (Yr 6?). 

– Good question, most of the time the screen behind the weather presenter is green or blue, and the maps that people see at home are put on by a computer. However, at the BBC in Norwich they do actually have a big wall with the actual weather on a monitor behind the weather presenter. 
And tell Kai from your class that it’s lots of fun being a weatherman (he asked that question in his thank you card). 
Best wishes, 

Chris Bell | Meteorologist at Weatherquest | Stormchaser


2 thoughts on “Chris Bell responds to your questions

  1. It is obvious that this was a very absorbing and encouraging time for our young people to spend with Chris Bell with some brilliant questions asked and answered. How brilliant to see Stibbard on the weather map!! We are very appreciative of the time Chris has spent encouraging the children – and, quite frankly, how much I have learned.
    Fiona Paton


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