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SIAMS Inspection Success!

We are very excited to announce the outcome of our recent SIAMS inspection as we have maintained our ‘Outstanding’ from the previous inspection in 2010. We are particularly pleased as the criteria to meet this standard have become a lot more difficult to achieve. The report is a fantastic endorsement of what we consider to be the heart of our school and recognition of the hard work and dedication of the members of our school community.

Follow the link to download the SIAMS Report January 2016.

There is also a brief newsletter accompanying the report so please follow the link to download Newsletter 3 Spring 2016.


3 thoughts on “SIAMS Inspection Success!

  1. Well done everyone at Stibbard! Outstanding is an accurate reflection of our School. It’s important to have all the positives recognised officially. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of the process and represent the parents.


  2. What excellent and well deserved comments in the report! I feel very proud that my family and I are part of the school community. THANK YOU to everyone who makes our school the inspirational, positive and creative place that nurtures our children and works exceptionally hard to bring out the best in them as they grow.

    With the very best wishes to all.

    Kate Young – Parent Governor


  3. This is brilliant news and rightfully shows that the school’s ethos of being a Christian, caring place comes from the top down. Well done to everyone involved and for the hard work put in by everyone each day. I am so happy to have children at a school supported by such an ethos.


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