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Year 3 All Saints visit All Saints 

Year 3 enjoyed their visit to our parish church a building that has been at the heart of Stibbard for nearly 700 years. Whilst the walls couldn’t speak to us about the changes it had seen, there were plenty of clues for us to find. We were able to work out that the church had possibly opened around the 14th century thanks to the document that lists all the rectors from 1325 to the present day. Other periods of history could be seen in the seating where it appears that the Victorians may have replaced some of pews retaining the the 15th century Tudor ends. We were also able to relate to the people who have lived in Stibbard thanks to a transcript of the parish registers and the roll of honour that detailed those that had left Stibbard to serve in the Great War.

After visiting the church we visited the War Memorial and gave the children a chance to ask questions about the names upon it, before returning to school in time for a well deserved break.

We are very grateful to year 6 for creating the booklet that has helped us learn more about the Church of All Saints.

One thought on “Year 3 All Saints visit All Saints 

  1. Just wonderful that the children were able to learn about history on their doorstep in such a special place and to know that Jesus has been worshipped in Stibbard for almost 700 years. How amazing to think of the people kneeling in prayer for longer than most of us can imagine and that it is only quite recently that reliable heating has been available. These people in the parish registers really wanted to worship God and it is fascinating to see how some local names have been around for such a long time.


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