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Year 6 in Cambridge

We have had an amazing day with children who have excelled themselves and coped with many new experiences. We are so proud of every single one. 

We started off at The Museum of Classical Archaeology. It is a small museum with staff who are extremely child friendly. We explored many areas of Ancient Greece looking at copies of famous creatures and people who appear in Greek myths and legends. During our time here we experienced a full evacuation of the museum due to an unannounced fire practice! The children coped admirably with this and were complimented on their behaviour and attitude. 

After lunch we ventured into Kings College Chapel, the exclamations the children made as they entered the chapel were lovely to hear. Currently the organ is being renovated, so there was scaffolding and cleaners in. We were still able to freely wander and discover the history of this wonderful building. 

Returning for the service, the chapel felt so different. The candles were all lit, the choir sang beautifully and we were personally welcomed in front of the congregation. The majority of the class opted to receive a blessing during the taking of communion, seeing the children receive this was a personal highlight of my day. 

Well done Year 6, you made me so very proud because of your whole attitude to the day, great behaviour and taking new experiences in your stride. 


3 thoughts on “Year 6 in Cambridge

  1. Cambridge is a wonderful city and hopefully for those interested in history, literature, science or art it is an amazing day trip. I heard so many positives from Freya and I am so very glad that such aspirations are encouraged.


    1. It was a very enjoyable day too for those who were free to roam Cambridge and later to attend the King’s College service where we were proud to be associated with the School and Staff
      Thank you,
      Elizabeth Snowden


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