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Governor Monitoring – Lunchtime Arrangements

On 22nd February I had my lunch in our school canteen. I had been asked to look at the new arrangements for seating the children at staggered times and the provision of the food itself. I’m happy to report that having two sittings in the  lunchtime appeared to work really well in alleviating queues and reducing noise and stress for the Mid-Day Supervisors. The children were happy and sociable during their lunch but also behaved with self-control and respect for others. There were many times when I could see older children helping younger ones with their trays or to open drinks or packets of food. At the end of lunchtime, selected yr 6 children also helped to clear up the hall and they displayed maturity and perseverance. Whilst I believe the school should continue to work with the supplier of the meals to improve the quality of parts of the menu, my lasting impression was one of happy, well behaved children and hard-working and caring staff.

Kate Young (Elected Parent Governor)

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