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Message from the Governors regarding the 2016 Budget.

You may have seen the news following yesterday’s budget, that the government intends to make it compulsory for all schools to become academies.  For our school, this would mean joining a church academy trust and would mean we received our funding via that trust instead of from the Local Authority.  The day to day running of the school will still remain with the headteacher but be overseen by the trust.
As a governing body we have long seen this coming and have attended meetings and training around this issue.  We have outside advisors coming to talk to us about the options and will be holding special meetings just to discuss this issue.  Our priority is always the education and welfare of our children, and this will be at the heart of our decision as to when to convert.  As part of our decision making process we will ask for the views of parents and carers, staff and the wider community.
If you wish to discuss this issue, please speak to the Headteachers or Chair of Governors.
Sophie Thornley
(Chair of Governors)

One thought on “Message from the Governors regarding the 2016 Budget.

  1. Thank you for an informative and very prompt comment on this issue. It is reassuring to know that the Governing Body is prepared for political change such as this.


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