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Results of our School Vision Questionnaire

Dear Parents and Carers,

You may recall that in February you were asked to answer some questions about our school vision.  Thank you for taking the time to complete the questionnaire. It was very pleasing to have 51 responses. The combination of using the school website as a platform and setting the questionnaire as a homework task seems to have been particularly successful.

Overall, we thought that the responses were generally very good and complimentary towards the school, overall giving the impression that the vision is being actioned on a day to day basis  What was most noticeable was the number of parents who are not aware of the vision or have not read it and so you can find a link to it here [School Vision].  As a result of this the school will:
  • Ensure the vision is discussed with/shown to parents at the new parents meeting(s).
  • At the start of the school year run through the vision with children and send it to parents.
  • Ask the children to help us create a more ‘visual’ guide to the ethos, to be used on the website and to go out in parts to parents across the school year by email.
The other issues that we think can be addressed as a result of the survey are as follows:
  • Remind you all to speak to class or headteachers if and when you have issues.
  • Change some wording in our vision from ‘understand next steps in learning’ to ‘what skills they need to develop’ to match with new curriculum and awards set up.
  • Focus some governor monitoring on extra curricular provision and looking into options for funding for additional provision.  Parents will be asked more questions around after school/sports club provision to help us assess what is provided and what is wanted, to be balanced against financial and other considerations.
Our next questionnaires will focus on:
  • Questions asked by Ofsted on Parent View (you can already answer these questions using the link on our website) and
  • Focus on academisation to understand when parents/carers want it, what their understanding is and whether they would like meetings to discuss/increase their understanding.

If you have any questions relating to the above, please do contact our Chair of Governors Sophie Thornley through the contact form below. Any issues about the day to day running of the school can be discussed with your class teacher or the headteachers.

With best wishes from the Governors.


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