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Reflections on a Residential

I hope everyone had a good night’s sleep back in their own beds. 

We had a super time at Horstead. The weather was glorious, the children were well behaved and many pushed themselves to overcome fears and try new things. The perseverance and determination on some of their faces when climbing Jacob’s Ladder was very rewarding to see and some even had a second go pushing themselves despite tears on the first attempt. A big well done to those who battled through homesickness at bedtime to enjoy the following day.  Residentials do provide such a good opportunity to develop confidence, independence and resilience. My thanks goes to my colleagues who were a great team to work with, the Horstead staff for their skills, patience and encouragement and the children for their fun, good behaviour and ‘have a go’ attitude. 

2 thoughts on “Reflections on a Residential

  1. A massive thank you to all the staff and thank you for all the photo posts, nothing like a smiling face to keep parental worries at bay! George had an amazing time.


  2. Thank you for taking them away. All Saints Stibbard is so good at this part of the wider curriculum and my member of Year 3 had a brilliant time on his first residential, a credit to all the staff who participated.


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