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Governor Monitoring – Interventions

On the 18th April 2016, I spent the morning with some fantastic yr 5 pupils beginning to understand what they were getting up to in their Fresh Start English support sessions. I couldn’t have hoped to meet a more enthusiastic, committed and hard working group. I was immediately welcomed into their classroom and worked alongside them looking at recognising particular graphemes (sound units), syllables and root words within words. We also did some vocabulary work and reading and recall skills and  finished off with an energetic and unique game of ‘chase’ in the playground. This was  a game invented by the group themselves which helped them to practise spelling skills under a time pressure whilst also running at full speed and trying to avoid being grabbed. No easy task I can tell you- especially for me whose legs and lungs were considerably older than my team mates!

Thank you to each of you for letting me join in, taking the time to explain how you have benefited from the extra support you have been given in these daily intervention sessions and for letting me look at the progress you have made in your work-books.  Well done year 5!  You are a credit to your teacher (Mr Warden) but most of all, a credit to yourselves. Keep on believing in yourselves!

Mrs Young (Elected Parent Governor)

One thought on “Governor Monitoring – Interventions

  1. Thank you Mrs Young for taking the time to visit our little group… They are indeed a special group who are now filtering into class, with a huge level of confidence and ability. They are some of the hardest working children I have ever had the privilege to teach. We hope you are recovering from your valiant efforts in the playground, they didn’t stop talking about you for days (they said you were very cool). I completely agree that they should be very proud of their achievements, they deserve all the praise for their dedication and hard work. Fresh Start Rocks.


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