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End of SATs! 

I am so proud of Year 6! They have worked tremendously hard for this week and have all done their very best. The tests weren’t easy and lived up to the reputation of recent press reports! 

The children want to say a big thank you to the governors for their support and for their lovely card and the sweets! 

I personally would like to say Thank-you to the year 6 parents, for supporting their children, keeping them calm and making sure they have all been in for every test. The cakes that have come in during the week have also been welcomed! Mrs Carver has ensured there was plenty to go around and boost the energy and brain power of the class. 


5 thoughts on “End of SATs! 

  1. Well done to everyone, children and teachers too. Have a restful weekend. I think you’re all going to miss the cakes!


  2. Well done to you all and thank you to Mrs Budget and the other staff for supporting our children over the last few weeks. (And Mrs Carver for the cakes!)


  3. Thank-you to the dedicated staff supporting yr 6 through their SATs tests and for encouraging our children to reach their full potential. A stressful time for you all!!
    Much appreciated,
    Elaine Henderson


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