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School Council work to improve our school meals

On Friday, I attended a lunch at school where the School Council met with a representative called Matt from Norse, our school lunch provider.  The School Council provided Matt with details of surveys they had undertaken across the school which asked about pupil’s thoughts on school lunches and then specifically on each menu choice.  Lots of really good feedback was given to Matt on what they liked and disliked about school lunches, and the children were very confident and clear in expressing themselves in a polite way.
Matt has promised that Norse will continue to monitor the food coming from the sending kitchen to make sure that the quality is consistently good.  He is also going to provide the school with a salad bar on every day but a roast day, together with bowls of prepared fruit to make that a more appetising pudding choice.  There will also be a trial of a pick and mix lunch box option, details of which will follow shortly.
Sophie Thornley
Chair of Governors

3 thoughts on “School Council work to improve our school meals

  1. Good work everyone! It’s important to learn how to bring about change in a mature, considered and polite way!

    Kate Young


  2. Such vital life skills, challenging the status quo, analysing the issues, collating data and feeding back in a reasonable and car manner.

    Well done all.


  3. That’s the Stibbard way! Well done children, once again the constantly high standards set by the school, embraced by the children, delivered with such confidence, pay dividends for our fabulous little community. I can’t wait to hear their next challenge.
    Mr W


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