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A Helping Hand from Tesco (Every Little Helps!)

These past few weeks Mr Warden has been working hard to realise our Garden Arts Project. Yesterday he received some very welcome assistance from a team from Tesco in Fakenham (Sara, Amanda, Dexi and Blazej). They worked really hard to move large piles of earth and turf saving Mr Warden hours of work. We are really grateful for all of the support Tesco in Fakenham throughout this project from fundraising to lending much needed man power.

2 thoughts on “A Helping Hand from Tesco (Every Little Helps!)

  1. How exciting! Should feel guilty that we (Freya, Leon and I) are reading about this in Morrisons cafe!

    Well done fabulous Tesco Fakenham team and Mr Warden too.


  2. Words can not describe how I feel about the generous gift of time and effort, freely given by these special people. To come out to our little community and make such an impact in one day, is truly humbling… Sarah has been so proactive as a Tesco Community Ambassador, making a difference to our children along with thousands of others in schools in the Fakenham area. I still can not believe how much they moved. We look forward to welcoming you back into school on Thursday, I may even bake you a cake to go with the tea!


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