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ŶYear 6 Get Creative

What a great morning we had! After the assembly we had Mr Isherwood leading an art lesson where we made metal fish and birds as part of the whole school art week. The theme is The Creation and each class is focusing on one of the days of creation. 

Toby Winterborn, the blacksmith who made our fantastic prayer tree came and talked to the children about his work. He showed the tools and equipment he uses to make his work. He also explained how he had designed and made the tree. Toby was able to stay with us for the morning and help with the art work too. 

One thought on “ŶYear 6 Get Creative

  1. A very talented man indeed. His work is so interesting as are many of the old trades. At one time every village had a Smithy and to find one on our doorstep is indeed a real find. The tree looks stunning!


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