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A Musical Assembly and Raffle winners

Children in Year 6, who are taught by Ms Clinton the violin and keyboard, performed in our assembly today. They played really well and didn’t show any nerves at all. Well done to them all. 

We also drew the £50 raffle, the lucky winner is Mrs Walpole, her children were only too happy to accept the prize on her behalf. 

Finally, it is Mr Isherwoods big 40 birthday, as a treat the whole school the Shark Song that he teaches every child at some point! We had all practiced secretly, so it was a lovely surprise for him! 


2 thoughts on “A Musical Assembly and Raffle winners

  1. Really proud of Freya who was very happy with her solo, loved the shark song rendition given in the car. Having now known Mr I for rather a long time we would all like to wish him a very Happy Birthday including a currently bearded Calen. Oh and the pictures along the road were fabulous!


  2. Very happy to have won the £50!! Thank you! Happy Birthday, Mr I. Kieran sang the “Shark Song” this evening, complete with all the actions…love it!!


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