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Residential Timings

PLEASE make sure you are at school by 6.45am at the very latest. We need to be travelling at 7am. Luggage for the boot needs to be put alongside the railings ready to be loaded. 

Money (£5max) in a NAMED purse

Full WATER bottle for the journey along with books, puzzles, travel games etc. NO GADGETS ALLOWED

Please make sure clothing is named. 

Any queries over the weekend please leave a comment on this post and either Mrs Budgett or Mr Isherwood will get back to you. 

 I hope you are as excited about having a quiet week at home as we are at taking your children to Wastwater, we genuinely are! 
Thank you

Mrs Budgett.

4 thoughts on “Residential Timings

    1. No just long trousers which are light and don’t hold lots of water. If you also have waterproof trousers these are great for keeping warm when we get out of the ghyll.


      1. Waterproof trousers already packed! Thought that I best be a good responsible parent and follow the kit list 😊 Ella seemed to think she would be wearing a wetsuit which is why she asked! Enjoy your weekend and birthday celebrations 🎉🎂


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