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Happy 10th Birthday All Saints! 

Today we celebrated our 10th Anniversary as a combined site. Our birthday present has been the opening of our lovely new pods where children can sit quietly, reflect and talk together. A lot of work has gone into this project. Mr Warden has worked hard at sorting the ground work out, he was latterly joined by Norse workers and Sara Sayer and her Tesco Team. There are many people who could be thanked and they will be in another post.

Back to this afternoon. We welcomed Andy Mash, the Diocesan Director of Education who officially opened the garden after a short service in the hall with many parents and friends of the school present. It was lovely to see Richard Perry who was the Headteacher when the school opened. Thank you to Lauren Neal for making the great birthday cake and Mrs Carver for making lots of cakes for the  after presentation party.


7 thoughts on “Happy 10th Birthday All Saints! 

  1. Dear Everyone at All Saints,
    It is with a great sadness and disappointment in my heart that I look at the lovely photos of the school and your happy celebrations. I am happy it is so beautiful but so sad that I could not be with you to celebrate. Issues at school just blocked me at every step to get to you and that is so disappointing.
    One day, I will get back to see you all.
    Wishing you all the very best, with love,
    Rachael Williams
    Former Deputy and Acting Headteacher of All Saints Stibbard


  2. What a truly amazing and joy filled day. Huge thanks to everyone who prepared these lovely spaces and contributed to the opening ceremony. I have to admit to shedding a few tears at the sheer beauty of the whole event. Well, the children singing always does send me off 🙂


  3. Well done to everyone involved in this magnificent project ! The pods are a great addition to the school.
    Thank you Mr Warden for your Herculean efforts (in all sorts of weather conditions ).


  4. The name All Saints Stibbard in all its guises has been a huge part of my life. Seeing Richard Perry was lovely, he taught Calen how to play chess. Calen went to the old school, then Ryburgh for about two terms. Then the new school, how lovely it was with such a large hall. The wonderful addition of a new year 6 classroom made a huge difference to the children. Then the stunning work outside Year 1 and the library. I am missing loads. ..
    However, allowing, encouraging, empowering children to spend time outside with nature and together is something the school can be immensely proud of.
    Sometimes it is hard to know just what impact these changes have upon the children and indeed their families. Leon has been buzzing since the first mention of the garden, he read like crazy for the Readathon and this morning he could not have been more excited.
    Well done all.
    Happy anniversary.


  5. I always feel proud to be part of the school community but this afternoon especially so! Fantastic birthday celebrations and an amazing outdoor space and legacy. Awesome!


  6. The Fakenham Times will have an article about the garden opening in this Thursday’s edition if you would like to get a copy.


  7. Really enjoyed my afternoon with you all.Brilliant to see how the school is still such a happy place for everyone. Richard Perry


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