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Banham Zoo trip

The children in Year One thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Banham Zoo today.   The weather was on our side and the children thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the animals.  I was proud of them all and impressed with their enthusiasm and behaviour.  We all learned new facts about animals and even had opportunities to handle some.

A great day – well done Year One!!!


2 thoughts on “Banham Zoo trip

  1. Leon loved it, we just finished watching a Natural World programme last night about how few giraffes are left in the wild.. Seeing giraffes today was wonderful for him. Great day!


  2. Thank you YR1 for inviting me on your trip. I have to say I had a wonderful time and learnt lots of things about nocturnal animals. Your behaviour and manners were impeccable and you were a credit to your teacher. One of the staff members working in the gift shop told me, she thought the children were some of the bed behaved she had ever seen. She also commented, how she thought it was sweet and refreshing to hear so many of our children discussing what they were going to buy their brothers, sisters or parents. Well done YR1, I think your a special bunch too! ARE WE THERE YET!
    Mr W


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