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Can I describe a good character?

Year 3 are exploring the use of descriptive adjectives,phrases and similes. Here are a few examples of the children’s work. We will share more as quickly as Mr B can type them!

Jess found herself in the magical world and met the unicorn. The unicorn was as white as freshly lain snow. His tail was flowing in the wind. His tail was also like a rainbow starting with red then going to orange and yellow and so on. His mane was soft but in the wind it went crazy. His hooves were silver and seemed like bright light dazzling in the dim light of the wood. His horn glowed and changed colour every minute. First it was pink then purple then silver and then gold. Every time it changed colour it seemed to get brighter and brighter and at the same time it sparkled like bright stars in the sky. His eyes were also like bright stars but they were large and colourful they were never dark. His fur was as thick as wood but when you stroked him small bits of fur came off and floated slowly to the floor. Every time you tried to get some of the fur off, it just gained more fur he never lost much fur at a time. But when the unicorn got too hot, he just shook off the fur and loads came off. After a while Jess understood that this unicorn was magical. Jess looked at his horn and it seemed to get brighter!

By Isabel.

As I entered the forest I saw a glow in the distance. As I moved closer the glow moved further away. Suddenly the glowing light dashed in front of me. All that I could see was a sparkly horn. As I got closer the glowing light came towards me. I walked closer to see what it was. There before me I saw a unicorn in front of me. Wow! The unicorn had shimmering eyes and crystal horn that was glowing. The glow was like a vibrant glow. It’s skin was whiter than a summertime cloud. I stroked the unicorn it felt like a woolly sheep. Its tail was pearly white and fluffy like an arctic fox.

By Gaby

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