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Can I describe a good character?

As I approached the edge of the dark forest. I saw a vibrant glow in the distance reaching out before me. I froze in fright … It was a unicorn. It had dazzling eyes, its mane was made out of silver strands, its tale was pearly white.

By Louisa

A magical glow shined before my eyes. I couldn’t catch it. I saw her hypnotic pale eyes glow. I definitely knew she was near. A bright shine of sparkles lit the night. Was it her?Yes it was! I was so relieved. Her cascading mane was back with her crystal lucid eyes, brought me to tears. I had always remembered her silky body that made me fall asleep. She lead me through the night with her illuminous glow of her horn. The unicorn would always be my friend forever! She was talking to me as she lead me home.

By Alice

As I approached the forest a glow was in the distance. It came closer and closer until … It was a unicorn. It had dazzling eyes and snowy white hair.

By Ralfi

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