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Year 3 Class Assembly

Year 3 gave us a varied assembly telling us of the things they have been doing.

They told us about how our recent garden pods are being used and which ones are their favourites.  Some read out their persuasive letters informing us of the state of the toilets and the rather wasteful use of paper towels. The children read with such expression so the message certainly was conveyed. Then some read out their diaries of sailors on board boats in Tudor times sailing to new lands and some had written very descriptive poems of sea monsters they might have encountered on the way. 

Super assembly! Well done Year 3.


2 thoughts on “Year 3 Class Assembly

  1. Well done Year 3, sorry I could not be there to see you all in action. Thank you for your wonderful support as I try to tackle this very important issue. I will keep you posted on any developments, along with any positive data linking your most auspicious efforts. Thank you once again.


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