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What would you do if you crash landed on the moon?

Year 2 have started reading ‘The Way Back Home’ by Oliver Jeffers. We have just reached the part where the boy’s plane runs out of petrol and he crash lands on the moon. We all thought of what we would do to get back home. There were some great ideas! You might like to share your ideas in the comment box…

4 thoughts on “What would you do if you crash landed on the moon?

  1. Wow! What fantastic ideas, so lovely to see Harry and all of his friends in Year 2 talking with such confidence. Thank you Mr Isherwood it is so nice to see what they children have been up to.


  2. Fabulous! Now I know who to call if my car breaks down – on top of a mountain perhaps. Loved all of the ideas, dragons (yay Leon), stinky cheese aeroplanes, aliens,soft landings (bouncy castles, dogs and trampolines ) and parachutes!

    I would send a morse code message to the International Space Station
    … — … / .. / .- — / … – ..- -.-. -.- / — -. / – …. . / — — — -.

    Help I am stuck on the moon.


  3. Year 2 – I LOVE THIS!!!! This happens to be one of my absolute favourite books! By the way if I was stuck on the moon I would definitely have a little nibble (it is made out of cheese isn’t it?!) Mrs Cairns


  4. Absolutely loved seeing Joshua and all of his friends in year two talking about this book!!!
    The great imagination shown by all is inspiring! Looking forward to more posts. Elaine Stocking


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