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Year 6 Assembly – from planning to presentation. 

Each week a class prepares an assembly for the rest of the school. Each class does this differently. Today we thought you would like to see the different stages of a Year 6 assembly. 

Firstly we decide what we are going to present. Today we want to tell the school about recent extra curricular experiences we have had. 

Next everyone gets into their groups and start to discuss what they should talk about in their presentation. The classroom becomes very noisy with lots of relevant comments. 

Following on from discussion is the writing. Can their written word last for approximately three minutes each? Mrs Budgett makes a mental note to work on more time work as the groups realise that only 40 seconds of presentation isn’t the three minutes required! 

Practice makes perfect! Each group then reads out their presentation before presenting to the whole class….. we may have to extend this and work after break time. Time is crucial! 

Rehearsal time. Each groups read out their presentation to Mrs Budgett. Everyone is encouraged to speak clearly and loudly. Mrs Budgett has spent her playtime finding photographs for the back drop for each group. 

It’s been a hectic morning. Now at 11.15am the classroom is peaceful and all that can heard is the tapping of Chrome book keys as the class start writing up their stories they planned the previous day. They are working very hard knowing that if they don’t finish it is a homework task this weekend! 

So we come to the afternoon, we are missing a quarter of the class who are enjoying their first philosophy lesson with Mrs Jeynes. The children love these sessions where they discuss many issues. 

Mrs Budgett thought this time would be a great opportunity to teach the remaining children how to play Scrabble as it’s great for word work, maths and social skills and can then be played at times like wet break times or if a group has finished their work.  The afternoon hasn’t exactly been quiet as they  are all so enthusiastic about being right! 

Time for Assembly! 

The children did very well considering the amount of time they had to prepare and practise. Each group confidently spoke out and included lots of relevant information about their subject. 

Have a good weekend!

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