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Aiming High Around the School

Year 6 have been seeking out children who are working really well this week. There is so much fabulous work going on around the school that it was often a very hard decision for the teachers. We found the teachers were especially pleased with the maths work in their classrooms. 
Daniel in Y6 has had an amazing attitude towards maths this week. He has improved with his fractions and is very positive to  all subjects.
Tilly in y5 has worked very hard in maths and English. She has always got a smile on her face.

Lily in Y4 has worked extremely hard in maths and has tried her very best.

Corby  yR has tried her best in her sound and has achieved a great amount.

Kristin Y3 for working independently in Maths and English and getting all her spellings correct – they were particularly hard this week.

Tyler Y2 has been shooting up in his work. He has been doing maths and he is flying through his 3rd maths book.

Freddie in y1 has Spectacular behaviour in class and has got all of his spellings right!

This weeks reporters have been

Joe, Alex, Hollie and Ellie. 

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