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Visit from author Paeony Lewis

We had a lovely visit from Paeony today. In the hall she spoke to all the children about how an idea becomes a story and then a book. She spoke of her love for reading as a child even though her school teachers labelled her writing as atrocious. Despite this start and struggling with dyslexia, she discovered a love for writing. Her ideas often start with things that happen around her and she scribbles them down in numerous notebooks. Paeony showed an initial draft full of crossings out which is then edited and improved. She told the children to be careful with their choice of words. Quality rather than quantity. She concluded by reading Hurry up, Birthday! 

Paeony spent time in reception and Years 1 and 2 and they all carried on their writing and drawing as follow up to the workshops. 

In Year 2 she told a story involving the children in some drama and sharing their ideas.Through story telling she demonstrated how a story has a beginning, middle and end with problems to overcome in the middle section. The children had to draw a bird, think of its colour and then add a word to describe its character, for example blood red or candy floss pink. The children really engaged with what she was saying.

Book selling and signing finished the morning with Paeony chatting to individuals as she signed their books. It was a jam packed and enjoyable morning. Look out for Paeony’s books in the library which she kindly signed and donated to the school. 


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