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The swimming sessions at Gresham’s school have been fantastic this year. Tania the swimming instructor also very kindly organised the Holt Swimming Gala for us which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.  

Year 5 Swimming Reviews 2016

A Review of Swimming by Isaac:

I like swimming, the warm up and the lengths.

Did You Like It?

Yes because it was different every week

Did You Improve?

Yes I did by listening to Tania

Would You Recommend It?

Yes definitely

What could be improved?

My breaststroke
Swimming Review by James:

This half term I have been going swimming at Gresham’s. I never used to like it but when we started to do underwater things, Mrs Morant helped me. I’ve now gained my confidence. I now would recommend this place to other schools.

Swimming Review by Thomas:

This half term year 5 went swimming at Gresham’s pool. It was very fun. It was a nice change to swim with my friends. Our swimming teachers were nice. On the first week we had to do a width of front crawl and a width of backstroke. After that we got put in groups. I was in the second group. Harry was sitting and swimming next to me.

Swimming Review by Marcy:

This half term we have been going to Gresham’s for swimming lessons and I loved it! In last weeks session we went into two groups. Tania had my group. Owen had the other group. I had fun. We did what the lady told us to do. She even taught me, Hallie and Keely to float and swim. I think we should all go swimming, the whole entire school! I think it’s good to go swimming. It’s good for your muscles and bones and encourages people that can’t particularly swim. I love going swimming!

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