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Can I write an information paragraph 

The children have been busy writing about an imaginary creature from the Rainforest. Here’s a selection to whet your appetites. We’ll add some more as time permits.

Did you know?

The Jagacaw lives for 1000 years. The man lays 1 egg every month. He lays the egg in a nest high up in the emergent layer. The lady Jagacaw whistles like a strangled turkey.

By Taylor

The Unicaw lives in the Amazon Rainforest of South America. It is mainly found in Brazil. The Unicaw prefers the Emergent Layer because it is high up in the sky. It is very picky on food, it only eats things from the Emergent Layer.

By Lillie

The Jagasnake is nocturnal and walks in the dark and if an animal tries to eat it, the Jagasnake will eat them and have it for it’s supper. It’s favourite foods are bananas, pies, monkeys, deer and nuts.

By Kieran

The Charrot has a long tail what’s quite surprising. And at night the vicious cats go hunting. And when the Charrot is on his journey for food and when he gets to water a Charrot then can swim through it.

By Immy

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