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Kitchen Update – Chair of Governors

I popped in to school today to see the new kitchen, ready being commissioned for active service tomorrow.  It was wonderful to see fridges stocked with fresh ingredients – fruit, vegetables and real meat.  The cupboards are stocked with flour, baking soda, oats and tins of tomatoes – for proper cooking!  As of tomorrow, healthy and delicious food will be cooked from scratch for our children and staff by an experienced chef. There was even a yoghurt maker as fresh homemade natural yoghurt will be provided from now on. Fruits and vegetables grown in the school gardens will now be sent to the kitchen and used in the school dinners.
A lot of research and work has gone on behind the scenes to enable the school to have this new provision.  If you are interested in the research that shows that school provided dinners are the best option for all children to improve health and progress at school, have a look at
A lot of people have put serious work into this building project, and special thanks should go to Mr Warden, the senior management team, our governors, the Diocese and Edwards and Blake.
We are very lucky to now have a state of the art kitchen and hope that you will all give it a go.  Remember that if your child is in reception or Key Stage 1, or in receipt of pupil premium, lunches are free and there is now a huge choice daily – hopefully something for everyone.  The sustainability of this project depends upon it being used and we hope we can count on your support.
Sophie Thornley
Chair of Governors

One thought on “Kitchen Update – Chair of Governors

  1. Fantastic! Thank you to all involved in making this happen, I’m sure the children will notice the difference. HUGE thumbs up!


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